How to FIX PS4 Error Code WS-37505-0 (Can't Connect to Server)


 Hey Everyone Today In This Post I'm Going To Show You How To Fix The PS4 (Playstation 4) Error Code Ws 37505-0  (Can't Connect to Server).

How to FIX PS4 Error Code WS-37505-0 (Can't Connect to Server)
How to FIX PS4 Error Code WS-37505-0 (Can't Connect to Server)

So You Typically Receive This Error On The Playstation 4 When The Connection Between The Playstation 4 And The Server Has Failed Now This Can Be Related To The Playstation Servers Or Even The Game Server That You're Playing Like Fortnite Warzone Or Rocket League Or Etc So How Can We Fix This So First Off We Need To Know WhichServer Has Failed Is It The Game Server Or Is It Playstation Network.

So Let's Go Up To The Top And Go To Settings And Then Scroll Down And Go To Network And Then Go To Test Internet Connection And Select This Option And Just Do A Quick Test To See If You're Connected To The Internet On Your Side Or Playstation Network Is Not Successful So You Gonna Everything Is Successful So You Have To Do Anything With Your Home Network But You Can Quickly Check The Playstation Network By Backing Out And Then Going To This Option View Status Of Playstation Network Services And This Will Give You An Idea If Everything Is Up And Running On Playstation Sides As Well So If You See Something Not Working On Here This Is Probably Your Problem And You Aren't Able To Fix It So Everything Is Up And Running Right Here All Services Are Running And They're Good.

So If Everything Is Up And Running On This Side And Your Home Network Or Game Server Is Working.

 Then You'll Need To Try Another Way In Which You Need To Setup The DNS Of Your Internet Connection. 

Now You Can Go To Set Up Internet  Connection Right Here And Then Go To Your Chosen Internet Connection Either Wi-fi Or Lan And Select This And Then Go Down To Custom And Then Automatic For The Ip Address And Then Do Not Specify For DHCP And Then For The Dns Setting Go To Manual And For The Primary Type In And Then For The Secondary Dns Type In And This Will Be Google's Open DNS Server And This One May Be A Little Bit Closer To You Than Your Service Providers So It Might Give You A Little Bit Better Results Then Go To Next Automatic For The Mtu Settings And Then For The Proxy Server Do Not Use And Then Test Your Internet Connection Again And See If This Improved It At All.

Lets Hope Freinds Can Fix This PS4 Error Code WS-37505-0 (Can't Connect to Server) Problem In These Ways.

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